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My name is Kim Albano and I'm the Founder of The Empower Up Project.

I am a seasoned learning & development professional with over a decade of learning design, facilitation and speaking experience. I now run my own Leadership & Development Consulting company, and work with entrepreneurs and organizations to help them achieve their professional development goals - both for individuals and teams. 

After spending many years traveling the country for coaching and speaking engagements, I became extremely passionate and focused in on building women's confidence, helping them grow both personally and professionally while empowering them to achieve any goal they set. 

The Empower Up Project was created to provide ALL women with a platform where we can help each other grow, succeed and collaborate. My vision was to create a place where women could come together to seek advice, share their inspiring stories, and offer their knowledge to help each other in any aspect of life.

A place where no filters, restrictions or rules on how women supported each other existed. 

A place where women can help each other Empower UP.

I am a huge believer in owning our stories to find our confidence and be amazing at anything we want! I also believe it's time to move away from what society says women should do and be, and start focusing on what other amazing women are doing and becoming. 

I hope you join us, and truly feel invited & empowered to grow yourself while helping others do the same!





Kim Albano, Founder of The Empower Up Project

Kim Albano, Founder of The Empower Up Project

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For partnership, collaboration and speaking opportunities...or anything else you want to share! Email Kim at theempowerupproject@gmail.com


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To find out more about my Leadership & Development consulting and speaking topics you can visit my website www.kimberlyalbano.com