Young Women & Their Bodies: The Thing Nobody Is Talking About

By Chasa Fulkerson

By Chasa Fulkerson

Hi, my name is Chasa. I am 27 years old, and I have never been to a gynecologist.

I am not sure if this is surprising to other females or if in fact it’s not as uncommon as I think. I am from the south, specifically Alabama. Here in the bible belt we are taught abstinence, abstinence, and more abstinence.

I am going to get into why teaching nothing but abstinence affects girls health in more than one way.

Since I grew up in church and abstinence was taught, I never really had a sex talk (except from the church), and since parents go into an uproar about teaching sex at schools, especially in the south, I was never taught how important getting your body checked out by a doctor was. I remember going to ONE health class when I went to public school. You know what they taught? Just about diseases you could catch from having sex.. Yep, that’s it… I learned so much… (I hope you caught my sarcasm) For my high school years I was transferred to a private school.

Guess what I was taught there? You guessed it. Abstinence.

By all means I am not a saint and some of things in this article may or may not be a hard pill for some of my family to swallow. I started having sex before I graduated high school. Since I started having sex I knew there was something wrong with me physically.  At this time in my life I just pushed it aside. Which is why it’s so important that young girls at least start going to the gynecologist probably by the age 15.

Now, at almost 30 years old, I KNOW I need to go to the doctor.

I know I have a problem, so like all the "teched" out adults in this decade - I went to google. I googled all the possibilities that could be wrong with me.

Do you know what I found?

Of course besides all the horrible issues I could have, or where I might have to have surgeries. I found girls who had similar problems, and these young girls were mutilating themselves.

Why? Because they were too afraid to tell their parents or to tell their boyfriends that something was wrong with them.

They were embarrassed.

Girls. Women. We  should not be embarrassed of taking care of ourselves. We shouldn’t feel ashamed, embarrassed, or like we will be shunned from our families. Some may even feel terrified or like they will be a disappointment.

I know, because I did.

This is not okay. We cannot leave women’s healthcare just up to the parents, to the schools, and the churches. If only the parent, school, or church is teaching children they are not learning everything they need to know about their HEALTH. It’s not just about sex, it’s about health. There needs to be a little work from everyone. I know it’s different with every religion, and every household, but there are girls/women that are hurting themselves out there. Every girl in middle school and up needs a safe place or person they feel they can go to talk about these things.

What are we going to do about this?

To the Parents: You need to have the talk with your children. I don’t care how embarrassing it is or if it you think it goes against your religion. You cannot leave it up to the churches and schools. Be the adult and realize this is real life and not a fairy tale. Your children are going to experiment. Do not let them compromise their health. (On another note: I know not all children  come from a factual and loving home, this is why I also think they need to be taught about health in school and church. Different perspectives are good.)

To the Schools: I am not even going to pretend I know anything about the education system. Maybe there are other reasons you don’t teach about sex health other than parents making an uproar. Maybe it’s not in the school budget, or maybe there is just not enough time.

Time needs to be made in this case.

To the Churches: I appreciate you trying to get children to hold off on having sex, I think that is a great idea. Teens are not fully mature mentally to even understand what the consequences of sex can lead to. I know there is nothing really more a church can teach but abstinence, but instead of pushing them away why not go about it differently? Don’t make the subject such a hush hush subject, open up your doors for discussions. Teens are curious, they are still going to go out there and try it whether you educate them or not. Might as well make them informed on their health as much as you can.

I don’t want anyone in my life to feel like I am trying to make them feel bad. I am also not condoning sex at a young age. Parents, your kids are going to have sex whether you teach them abstinence or not. Whether they are married or not. Do you not want your girls to be healthy and take all the precautions to be safe? If I said no one is to blame then I would be lying. Someone is to blame, but there needs to be a change.

So to make that change I am talking about my health as an adult woman, and I am also going to go to the gynecologist. I would love to give you all an update after I go. We have to spread the word and take action if we want change.

Our health is important and girls need to know that.

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Chasa is a travel blogger who has been writing since  2016. She is 27 years old and resides in Alabama, where she pursues her passion for helping people see the beauty in other states and countries through her own accounts.