Turning Adversity Into Your Strength: Yvette's Story

A little over nine months ago, I decided to create a small space on the world wide web and dived into the blogging sphere to tell my personal story with postnatal depression. There was some sort of surge in my soul, a pull in my veins, a beat in my heart, which sparked a light to transform my dark, disturbed feelings into raw, honest words. For years, I tormented myself with my transparent illness. I would just let it eat me up inside like a virus. Slowly and silently, the disease invaded into all the corners of my body and inner being - resulting into a full week of psychiatric care. Yet my time in hospital made me contemplate many things about life. One of them was whether to expose my story on the web and social media. My premise was that I suffered in silence for far too long with PND, and had no doubt that many women are suffering the same. Therefore, if I publish my story, maybe, just maybe one person may read it and may relate, and not feel alone - and I hope that they will speak up to either their family, a friend or a health professional.

There was some sort of surge in my soul, a pull in my veins, a beat in my heart, which sparked a light to transform my dark, disturbed feelings into raw, honest words.

Little did I realize my story would reach so many mothers, fathers, and those suffering a mental illness. It has even reached those who are not parents, and others who have a friend or family member with post natal depression. I am very humbled for the gratitude and feedback I receive as it is sometimes not easy revealing honest, raw accounts of the dark side of my journey as a mother. Anxiety and self doubts rises at times when I am about to “click publish” with a new article. However I do not regret publishing my articles as I constantly remind myself why I am doing this - that is to raise awareness and shake the ignorance’s, which surround mental illnesses and suicide.

Sisterhood has become a vital element in my blogging journey as I felt so isolated when I was suffering from post natal depression and the choices I made in raising my son. When I started She is Sacred it was unbeknown to me to collaborate with other blogs, websites, and online magazines. Within a few weeks with my blog live, I started to receive emails from other mother blog sites wanting me to share my story. Whilst I have received many collaboration requests, I have not been afraid to reach out to collaborate - the results are always rewarding. My highlight of my blogging journey was being asked by a fellow mother blogger to share my story for PNDA week. Not only is my story extending throughout the world, I am forming some beautiful friendships with like minded mothers - this is what keeps social media real and engaging for me.

My blog is starting to evolve. I know I cannot blog forever about my story, therefore in the near future I will take She is Sacred to the next level, which will incorporate other resourceful articles other than just my story. And, as my blog evolves, I am evolving too. Next week I will return to university. Two years ago I had to withdraw from my masters degree, due to my post natal depression. Now I am on the road to recovery I am ready to tackle it again. Blogging has given me that push to actually go out there and be face to face in helping those with mental illnesses, rather than just purely writing my experiences.

I may not have the biggest followings on my social medias, but with the collaborations I do, we have a beautiful tribe growing. Most importantly, my blog is thriving with thankful readers who are grateful that I have “put my heart on my sleeve” on the world wide web.

{About This Kick Ass Story}

This story was originally published in Mums With Hustle: www.mumswithhustle.com

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