I Journaled My Way To Happy


As an entrepreneur, it took me a few years to realize I had become codependent upon my job. I treated my first business as if it were the love of my life.

The trouble was, I didn’t feel loved by it. 

My expectations of it were high and I never stopped believing in it. I was under some spell of my job, looking for it to love me and fulfill me the way a relationship would.

When I woke up on my 35th birthday, I finally saw my attachment to my job for what it really was – a one-way relationship that was out of alignment. 

I took a deep breath and said, “I’m going to give myself the time to recover so I can live a better life.”

I took a little birthday vacation, which turned into a sabbatical. I had a support team to handle the day-to-day demand of the business while I rested, recovered and regrouped.

Throughout my break, I turned to my journal. I made a list of all the things I still craved from life and knew I couldn’t have if I continued to allow my passion to run my life.

I decided to break up with my job cold turkey. I really struggled with it for the first few weeks. I wasn’t expecting it to be uncomfortable considering I knew it was best for me. I had to force myself to leave my phone off and stay away from my computer.

Like any other breakup, the first month was the hardest. Staying true to my breakup became my full time job. Little by little, day by day, I found room in my life to live fully again.

It was pretty intense. I was able to recover thanks to a number of different techniques, doctors and a ton of mindset work. 

I journaled my way out of burnout. I really, REALLY did. I was dedicated to it. I was deliberate in it. And it worked. My journaling helped me reframe my stories, work on my mindset blocks and limitations and heal/release the stories that clouded my mind. The only way I was able to create and experience new stories is if I addressed the old ones. I'm an expert at storytelling and that includes the stories I tell myself. 

Burnout is one of my favorite topics of conversations now. It’s my favorite because I recovered and I’m super passionate about helping the countless Generation Xers and Millenniums out there who are edge of burnout or way beyond their burnout line. 

I’m a published writer, storyteller healer & trainer who supports inspired leaders who have a desire to share their stories and struggle with how to do that. I help my clients heal their stories, reframe their stories & share stories as a way to expand their tribe.

A lot of what I do is in healing stories. I created my journaling online program, Journal to Happy, to help open-minded people heal/release the stories that cloud their mind. 

If you're feeling beyond stressed, praying you don't have another anxiety attack today, or just searching for a way to find more happiness and peace, dive into whatever old story and its energy is holding you back. 

You have the key to change that story. 

Trust me. I’ve done it. 

{About This Contributor}

Carrie Severson is a storyteller healer and storyteller trainer who works with leaders who have a desire to share stories and don’t know what steps to take. She helps them heal their stories, and teaches them how to share stories in a soulful way. She writes about love, health, burnout, harmony and purpose for national media outlets. Throughout her 20-year storytelling career, she has shared stories in magazines and on stages around the country. She can often times be found on a stage sharing stories. You can always find her in her Facebook Group, The Soulful Storyteller. And be sure to check out Journal to Happy