When Our Little Girls Are Called Fat

Empower Me:

Last week my 7 year old daughter came home to tell us that someone is calling her fat at school. Now every night before bed she asks us if she's fat - and has even stopped eating dessert. 

How do I calmly yet firmly assure her of how perfect she is, while still teaching her that there are cruel people in this world who bring others down?

I hate to think of this following her for the rest of her life - the fear of eating is no joke. 

Dear Mama,

This really hits home to me because I have three young girls and this has always been a concern of mine. Start off by making sure she knows how much she is loved and beautiful, and you will work together to make this better. Children need to know that there is a strong support system behind them, and as a Mom, you are forever in the center of that system. 

Second, I would let the teacher and principal know this is happening so it comes to an end quickly. Then, make sure she knows teasing and bullying is always wrong and hurtful, and that just because people say hurtful things, doesn’t make them true. I try and instill in my girls the importance of being healthy, strong and brave everyday. Those three things can get them through almost anything. Leading a healthy lifestyle with daily activity, fruits and veggies plus lots of water is all it takes. Remind them often to be strong mentally, which begins and ends with confidence. 

Finally, it is brave to ignore people that hurt them with mean words.

Confidence is so important for children, especially with little girls.  We as parents have to constantly remind them of how perfect they really are. I just saw this great video posted by People Magazine where little girls were talking about positive body image.  I’ll leave you with two of my favorite quotes from two beautiful little girls to tell your daughter:

“Your beautiful inside and out, it doesn’t matter what you look like”


“There is no such thing as ugly or fat, everyone is beautiful”