Being The Boss Means Choosing A Kick Ass Team

Dear Gabby-

As a business owner I feel I do a good job at keeping my staff close and motivated - but what's the best way to ensure that I am hiring the right people to join my team as it grows?


Lady Boss

Dear Lady Boss,

When it comes to hiring it’s all about finding people that understand and value the vision for both the future of your company and their personal career path through your company. 

Solid company values should be incorporated in your recruitment and interview process. Ask potential hires what they believe brings success to a business. What does professionalism look like to them? Are they looking for a position that challenges them where they can grow and feel pride in their achievements? Or are they looking for a position that is clock in, clock out, done. 

There’s nothing wrong with either.  Just be clear about what you both expect.

Create a clear picture of what the job entails and what you and your staff expect from new hires. Be transparent about challenges they may face, and let them know that your door is always open if they are looking for guidance. I used to sell the job as a glamorous position. I would never talk about the hard parts, but only about the gratification and compensation that came along with the job. I found that new hires would feel overwhelmed and unprepared, leading them to feel inadequate. 

This is the number one reason that a staff member will either quit, or start acting out. 

We recently started conducting what we call ‘working interviews’. We explained to the potential hire that this as much an opportunity for them to interview us, as it was for us to interview them. In our case our business is very fast paced and this gives them the opportunity experience what that actually looks like. Some of our positions are more slow paced and not so glamourous. This gives them the opportunity to experience this element as well. If the interview goes well, we sit down and discuss how the day went and give them the opportunity to decide if they feel it’s a right fit for them. 

Transparency in the hiring process is key. It will set the expectation on each side and open the door for very productive coaching opportunities down the line.