The Top 5 Kick Ass Places to See

Dear Gabby,

I'm making 2017 the year of adventure for myself and i'm ready to travel. 

The problem is, I can't decide what to see first. I keep flipping through my book: 1,000 Places to See Before You Die and feel more torn than decided.

If you could give the top 5 places to see in your lifetime, and why, what would they be? I'm needing some inspiration before making my final decision.


New Year Adventurer 

Dear New Year Adventurer,

This is a very tough question, you are asking me to narrow down all the places you can go in the whole entire world, but here I go! It is soooo hard to only pick 5 and I am not sure what part of the world you live in, but I am guessing the U.S.

1. Australia

You have many different choices here. Australia is bigger than it looks on the map. You have the cities, the outback, beaches, they have one of the biggest coral reef systems, and all the different types of wildlife you could see. Wouldn’t you love to hold a koala bear or see a baby roo?  

2. Alaska or Finland

If you like the cold country then maybe these two are for you. Alaska is huge as well. So many things to do here, sledding, see the Northern Lights, maybe you could visit native villages and eat some local food. There is dog sledding, ice fishing, tons of hiking, and lots more.

Finland is a beautiful country, it has a lot of forest and over 180,000 lakes. You can see the Northern Lights (there actually is a place where you can rent glass igloos to watch the NL), Santa is from here, and they have reindeer sledding( they actually have reindeer races). I am sure you can do very similar things in Finland that you could do in Alaska, except it would be like a whole other world. They speak a different language and there are different social behaviors than in the U.S. There are no polar bears in Finland. And of course, if you don’t like being out in country there are always the main cities.

3. England

This seems like a basic choice. There are so many things to do in England, depending on if you go North or South. There are castles, history, architecture, London (so many things to do in London), go to Beachy Head(one of my favorite places). Beachy Head  has these beautiful white cliffs, it’s like a bunch of farmland but their farmland is different than what you see in the U.S. There are so many reasons I can say go to England. London has all the tourist things to do. There is the changing of the guards, Hyde Park, Big Ben, The Eye, The London Bridge, and lots more. There are plenty of local things to do as well, just ask around!

4. Egypt

Egypt for obvious reasons: the Pyramids, the desert(riding the camels), and the Red Sea. Those are my main reasons, but I know there is so much history there. Do not be afraid to go to places the may be at risk for terrorist attacks. Any traveler will tell you, do not let this stop you for traveling (this doesn’t mean take risk and not think about the consequences). I do recommend you check your governments international website for alerts and warnings. Right now Egypt is under a travel warning, not an alert. If you like hot places this may be up your alley.

5. Kenya or South Africa

Kenya has a hotel (Giraffe Manor) where giraffes can come up to your window (this is on my bucket list for sure), safaris, and beaches. You can also volunteer in SA (working in the community or with animals). Kenya has a travel warning last updated in June of 2016. Either one of these places would be a good choice. My main things I would want to do here is a safari, visit their national parks, and visit their animal farms and orphanages.

This was a tough choice narrowing down only to 5 places. I tried to pick places that have different climates so you could see how different the world can really be. My personal preference is the country. So hiking, walking, doing anything in parks or the forest, and seeing wildlife. So narrow down what are some of the things you want to experience and go from there.

Make sure to check if you need a visa along with your passport for some of these countries.Also, check for alerts and warnings, safety first! One more thing, make sure to have travel insurance. It's not only good for medical needs but it can get you home if a naturals disaster happens or a war breaks out.