Can I Dress For The Office And A Night Out?

Dear Gabby,

I work in the city and in a pretty conservative work environment. I don’t mind dressing “up” during the day, but I’m on the younger side and go out a lot during the week. The only problem is I don’t want to go home and change just to go out. What are some ways I can dress for the office, but be ready to hit the bars after work? 


City Fashionista 

Dear City Fashionista,

I understand your struggle!  I too work in the city and at times I need outfits that go from day to night without the hassle of going home to change.  My trick?  The blazer!  With a blazer you can easily conceal your “going out outfit” underneath.  If you have a fun dress in your closet that may be sleeveless and not conservative enough for the office – throw on that trusty blazer!  Skirt with perhaps a sequin top?  Throw on the blazer!  

Another trick I use is keeping my favorite skinny jeans and heels in my drawer at work.  You never know when an impromptu date night might occur. Or drinks out with friends, or even that Friday night where you planned on going straight home but you decided to have a YOLO moment and paint the town red! This is where those jeans and heels come in handy. 

Regardless of what top you have on that day, the jeans and heels will make you look sexy and classy at the same time.  You can sneak into the bathroom on your way out, throw on the jeans with heals, put on some lipstick, and a few swipes of mascara... and you’re now ready to make some memories!