An Official Welcome to Kicking Ass & Looking Pretty

Psst....there's a video below!

Hi everyone! I wanted to take some time to offer an official welcome to all of you kick ass ladies who have been following, supporting and reaching out to learn more about Kicking Ass & Looking Pretty and how YOU can become a part of it!

Since we are SO happy to have so much going on...I figured a little video might do the trick in saying hello and talking about all the ways in which we are kicking ass these days!

Just some quick highlights on what I'm chatting about:

  • Emphasis of the word pretty...and how we use it over here at Kicking Ass & Looking Pretty
  • Our Dear Gabby series!
  • More insight into our My Kick Ass Story Series
  • and...drumroll...more information on our soon-to-launch K.A.L.P. Academy!

You can check out the video below! And as always, a big THANK YOU for the continued support, engagement and love. I love hearing from each and every one of you - so don't stop!


Kim, Founder - Kicking Ass & Looking Pretty