Life Feels Like It's Happening To Me...Not For me.

Dear Gabby,

I've never thought of myself as a negative person, but lately I’ve had many people in my life comment that I never seem happy. Things haven't been great and I do feel like life is happening “to” me, instead of “with” or “for” me, but I’m not sure how I can change my outlook. I just feel like shit happens, and lately it’s happening to me. Is it even possible that the way I think can make me happier? 

Sincerely, Down in the Dumps

Dear Down in the Dumps,

I want to encourage you to find joy in this new revelation and reflecting you are now upon. The doors of understanding yourself in a more intimate and revelationary way are knocking at your hearts door. 

See when you become AWARE that life is happening to you and not "for or with" you, you just discovered a GIFT that has been presented to you, so that you can take time to re-assess who you are and who you're meant to be.

You get to begin to ask yourself questions like: 

  • What was I created for?
  • What is my purpose?
  • How do I discover me? 
  • Where am I at? 
  • Why is life happening to me and I feel taken and swept away by it? 

It's time to take a step back and pour into your heart, soul, and mind new positive ways of looking at things. To grow in understanding your current perspective of things and how you can find the power behind it all to propel you forward and no longer having it hold you down. 

You see... all the negative things that used to haunt me I have turned around to see what gifts are they giving me. What things are happening to me that I don't want to happen anymore and what steps I need to take to create that ultimate change.

For me, it was linking arms with a life coach and women that could empower me to unveil the hidden treasures within me that are screaming to be released so that I may live a more abundant life filled with love, health and prosperity. Enjoying all the moments - the good and the bad.

Allow yourself to have times of reflection and gratitude for all you are now and are becoming. For we are always in constant transformation. 

Many things may look full of darkness and struggle yet it is there where the light shines the brightest. It shines into the dark to unveil the jewels of wisdom, understanding and healing. It's all waiting for you to discover.

So step out on the journey! Be willing to look at yourself HONESTLY and say THANK YOU to the GIFTS presenting themselves to YOU and you will find the GREATEST treasures withIN.

I had to choose to take this journey myself. It was uncomfortable at times and I didn't always understand but in the end I am SO thankful I chose to walk out of my comfort zone, look at things from a different perspective and gain spiritual insight to guide me to the places my heart was seeking even if my mind didn't know it yet! 

I mean look on the bright could still be totally oblivious to the fact that your positive mind and heart have been hijacked by some crazy force that is trying to hold you back from greater joy and abundance. 

But you're NOT! You are AWARE and that makes you far more powerful to gain ALL your hearts' desires and rule and reign in YOUR LIFE purposed for YOU and with YOU!


Cristina aka "Virtuous Warrior"