I'm Ready For A Europe Adventure...But Have No Idea Where To Start

Dear Gabby-

I've been itching to book a trip to Europe somewhere - and I’m hoping to do it before the year is over. 

The thought of knowing where to start with finding the best places to visit, prices and deals is so overwhelming it almost keeps me from moving forward.

For someone who has NEVER been to Europe what would you suggest? Where do I go? And how do I go about booking the best experience at the best price?


Travel Amateur 

Dear Travel Amateur,

First things first, do not let yourself get overwhelmed! It is a big world out there and becoming overwhelmed is too easy! To break down your trip, you are going to want to decide where you want to go. Do you like the city or country more? Mountains or beach? Something that helps me is to ask myself questions. So let’s start with narrowing down your list of things you want to do for this trip. Make it so you only have to choose between two things! France or Spain? Backpacking or Luxury?

One step at a time!

Once you figure out where you want to go, make sure you are applying for everything you need. Do you need only a passport or will you need a visa? Make sure the country is safe and there is no turmoil going on. All of your questions about passports and whether a country is safe can be found on your government traveling webpage.

For me it would be: 


This website has what to do for emergencies, a “before you go checklist” and etc. This will help you be prepared for everything legally and for your safety as well.

If you are wanting the best price for airlines tickets, I suggest you pop open several tabs and check out all the airlines flying out from your airport and compare prices with the dates you want to leave. And of course there are always websites like Expedia and Kayak. Another option would be to check out apps like Groupon that have tour deals. You get so many days and also airfare and accommodation is included. The only downside is, you would have to fly out of a specific area, which could be out of your way. It may be worth it depending on the price!

My suggestion is make sure your accommodation is booked before you fly out. Every other activity doesn’t necessarily have to be booked to the tee. Of course you want to do research on activities before you go. The activities you want to do will likely determine your destination.

I highly suggest going to England or Italy!

Either of those places are big tourist spots everyone wants to see. They also have beautiful country sides as well. To avoid long lines for attractions, check out the attractions website for passes where you can skip lines completely! Also, deals for attractions can be found on websites/apps like Groupon. Buying your attraction tickets from these types of websites can save you money without necessarily buying them in advance.

If you want to avoid the stress of it all with it being the first time you can always have a travel agent help you out, but honestly a little research will be your best friend!


Chasa  #kickingassandglobetrotting