Can I Get Fancy Hair Without A Trip To The Salon?

Dear Gabby-

I usually can’t afford to hit up the salon every time I have a special occasion or fancy event to attend. I would LOVE some ideas on DIY hair that can make me look like i spent hours in the salon - except I made it happen in the comfort of my own house.



Searching For Fancy Hair

Dear Searching For Fancy Hair,

Great question! With the current trends being all about disheveled texture its the perfect time for DIY up-styles.

Here’s my go-to for a messy but classy up-do:

First, add texture. Whether it’s your natural curls or flat/curling iron curls, you’ll get a lot more hold and fullness if the hair has some texture in it before you start sweeping it up. To keep your hair from sliding out of pins, apply some dry shampoo to give your hair some extra grip.

Next, on each side separate the back of your hair from the front by taking everything from the ears back and gathering it into a low pony tail. The front is just hanging there for now. For an extra full look, backcomb the hair above the pony 

You can either leave the hair in the pony tail hanging down are wrap it up into a bun but make sure not to wrap it up too tight. Your bun should be loose and messy for that soft romantic look. If you leave the pony tail down make sure it has lots of volume. Tease the interior of the ponytail for an extra full look.


Now take the front sections and loosely drape them back and over your ponytail or bun and pin them into place, covering the elastic band. Try to hide pins as much as possible but don’t obsess over it.

A little bit of hardware showing really doesn’t matter.  

Finish with some hairspray and you’re good to go!


Candice - Citrus Salon #kickingassandlookingpretty 

P.S. Best dry shampoo in the world is Aveda Shampure Dry Shampoo ; )