Can I Get In Shape Without Joining A Gym?

Dear Gabby-

I’m ready to incorporate fitness into my daily routine, but I don’t really want to join a gym. What are some ways I can workout at home, or on my own, and still see results?


Fit From Home

Dear Fit From Home,

Kudos on starting to make fitness part of your daily routine!

Ways to workout at home-or as I affectionately say-how to kick your own ass...  You will absolutely get results with home exercises.  I'm assuming that you are interested in body conditioning for overall fitness rather than targeting specific problem areas.  Do some compound exercises that work the entire body and a couple that target those areas that usually require the most love and affection (jiggly arms, mush tush, thunder thighs).  And-like most ladies-I'm sure you would love to say 'hello' to some ab definition.

If you have any health or muscular skeletal concerns/issues please check with your doctor first

I want you to be kick ass healthy, fit and pretty! 

Also-always listen to your body - if a move feels a little challenging-go for it.  If you feel a real strain doing a movement-back away from it recognizing it for the physical terrorist it is.

First -  make fitness dates with yourself for the week and make sure you are held accountable for them.  It is essential to mark the dates down and it is very motivating when you see how much activity you have added to your day.

If possible exercise in the morning.  There are so many interruptions and changes during the day and a morning routine negates them.

Music makes working out even more enjoyable so make a playlist of your favorites that are upbeat and make your body want to move.  Don't censor your playlist-enjoy it.  

Always start with a 5 to 10 minute dynamic warm up.  Swinging the limbs, kicking, jumping etc put your body through a wide range of motion and warm up the muscles to prepare for physical activity.  Examples are jumping jacks, walking with high knees, lunges and some energetic signature dance moves all your own.

Allow maybe 20 to 30 minutes for this work phase.  Do some exercises that really work the large muscles of the body.  They give a big bang for your time and work wonders for you body.  These include squats, push ups, bird dogs, planks, lunges, dead lifts and dumbbell shoulder presses. Bicep curls and tricep extensions target the small muscles groups and help eliminate the jiggles!  Really focus on the movement and feel the muscles working.  Make it more mind/body for better results.

Always end with 5 to 10 minutes of cooling down and stretching.  Incorporate some relaxing music into your playlist for the cool down.  This will release the muscle tension, and help reduce the muscle soreness.  Great stretches include cobra, hamstring stretch, inner thigh stretch, child's pose, and cat/cow lower back stretches.

Another option is to contact a certified personal trainer that can set up an individual routine for you in your home and show you how to perform the exercises.  Your routine can be tweaked every six to eight weeks and that's affordable.

Start your routine and you will be fitter, have more energy and will be on the road to becoming an even better version of your kick-ass self!

Check back with me and let me know how you're doing.  In the near future I will be adding virtual training to my growing list of services.  Maybe we will see each other soon.


Gail  #prettyfit