I'm Ready To Be Fit...Again

Dear Gabby,

My main question is how does one get back into an exercise program after being away for awhile? I am referring to biking & walking.  I tend to charge into things like a bull, but find that I lose interest after a short while. I think this is due to trying too hard & forcing myself to be more advanced than I am. I need an outline that is challenging, but also one that keeps my interest. I need rewards for myself but I'm not sure what this looks like. I would appreciate any & all help & ideas with these. In the past I tried to team up with a friend or two, but found that relying on someone to walk & bike with everyday never seemed to work out & than the enthusiasm goes out the window. So with this aside I am looking for a program made for me only. I am also dealing with extreme Florida heat & humidity so aside from staying hydrated is there anything else that might help with this?  


Ready To Get Fit...Again

Dear Ready To Get Fit...Again,

Thank you for your questions and taking interest in your health! 

You get back to a program by setting realistic, achievable goals for yourself for an extended time period.  Don't expect to immediately get back into peak condition.  These high expectations will only discourage you if you don't see those extreme results after a few weeks. 

Give yourself monthly incremental goals.  For example: Walk 20 miles the first month (5 miles a week) and then 30 miles the second month and keep building.  For the extreme Florida heat and humidity try your outdoor exercise routines early in the morning or later in the day (early evening).

Also, consider stepping outside your comfort zone of walking and biking.  Try something new!  You might find that you are losing interest because that is not your "niche".  If joining a gym is feasible-group exercise is very motivating.  If  it is not in your budget to join a gym-no worries, go on You Tube. There are many great workout video's.  Many workouts (PIYO for example) that do not require equipment.  Then view some video's that require equipment and if they interest you invest in a couple of items. For example: free weights, stability ball. 

It doesn't have to be a lot, just enough to change it up and keep you interested.

I would also suggest you write your workout routine for the week and hold yourself accountable.

Here are some suggestions for rewarding yourself!:

  • After 5 days of working out take a day off: your body will love you for it and you deserve it!
  • After 1 month of your commitment: treat yourself, perhaps a mani or pedi.
  • After 3 months: buy yourself a cute workout out fit!
  • Most importantly: don't deprive yourself of a special treat 1 time a week.

What is your favorite?  Chocolate? Pizza?  

Moderation is key!

It is all about being dedicated to you! You can do this!  Believe in yourself!

Now go Kick some Ass Chicky!


Kierceton #prettyfit