I'm Just A Mom Like You

By Katie Brady: Contributor for Kicking Ass & Surviving Motherhood

When my son was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis at three weeks old, my world was rocked. I have three other kids at home and really felt like I couldn't take care of anything.

After a little bit of grieving time, I pulled my head out from under my pillow and realized that life just had to go on. Were the circumstances ideal? Absolutely not.

But, life isn't fair a lot of the time.

So that's it. I'm determined to make the best of our situation. A new situation...and I needed to change the way I parent.

You like playing in the mud, kid? Sorry! Too many germs. You don't want to do your breathing treatment? Sorry dude...it keeps you alive. You don't want to wear a medical mask? It's just necessary in a medical setting.

I feel like I'm apologizing a lot. But the reality is, I'm doing things to make sure my kid stays healthy.

To the mom who told me I'm too worried because I wiped my son down in antibacterial wipes after playing at the park-- I'm a mom just like you.

We are all just doing what we think is right for our kids.

So before you think to tell me I'm overprotective, know that I'm the mom who spends hours on the phone with insurance. The mom who holds a mask on my son's face and begs him to breathe just six times and when he fights me, we have to start all over. The mom who is so worried about giving all her kids equal time. The mom who isn't very confident in being a mom at all, but at the end of the day, when my kids tell me "you're the best!"...I believe it.

We are all doing a great job. Keep at it even when life gets in the way.