Desperate to keep my kids busy, while saving my sanity

Dear Gabby-

HELP!!! My kids drive me insane. If we’re out of the house and doing things, mom life is much more manageable. BUT when we’re inside all day (whether it’s because it’s rainy, or I’m just damn tired!) they drive me crazy. I can’t seem to keep them entertained long enough - and I don’t want to just plop them in front of the television for hours at a time.

What are some ways I can keep order in my house and entertain these monsters?!


Desperate For Ideas

Dear Desperate For Ideas,

Oy! I think this is a universal mom issue!

Now that the kids are home for the summer, I try to keep some form of structure.

They all have "chores" to do in the morning, even the 4 year old - make your beds, clean their rooms, laundry in the baskets, brush teeth, comb hair, etc. Then we do breakfast and then it's "school" time. I bought Brain Quest books for each kid for the grade they are going into and I make them do 30 mins of work/ and 20 mins of reading. By then it's lunch time and if all goes well, they are allowed some "free" time for TV or IPAD.

I'm also a huge fan of playing outside so they also need to ride bikes, jump on the trampoline, or just run in the yard for a little while.

In my experience, bored kids, are bad kids so as long as I keep them busy doing something the day is easier to get through.

I also like them to help me "prep" dinner or help with with yard work, organizing, etc.

With all that said, some days your the dog and some days your the hydrant so on those hydrant days, open some wine and give them the iPad.

It's survival! :)