How Can I Balance Motherhood AND Entrepreneurship?

Dear Gabby-

I'm a mom...and now a business owner. Even though I'm not running the business alone, I feel like I have another child now - and sometimes I struggle with "who" should get more of my time.

How do I ensure that my mom'ing skills aren't impacted by my opportunity to pursue my passion and nurse this new baby of mine? It feels like one way or another, the kids or the business will suffer.


Business Owning Mama

Dear Fellow Business Owning Mama,

Most people want nothing more then a healthy work-life balance. When you’re a mom and running a business that seems to be almost impossible. As a fellow, “Business Owning Mama” I can relate to this all too well. The first year we opened the business, I was drowning.. big time. I had to do everything perfectly. I completely submerged myself into the business yet still had all my SAHM responsibilities  – But in the end everything suffered, even my health. I had to change my idea of what ‘balance’ meant. Some days the business gets more attention and some days my kids do.

I learned to be really structured with my time and made priority lists to ensure I got everything done for the day. I try to include my girls in some parts of the business as well. I have them stuff envelopes for mailings, they help clean, organize and restock supplies. My business requires me to make local appearances, which they are always present for. They are learning key social and leadership skills as a result. Plus they feel super cool coming along and knowing they can contribute. 

Moms have an uncanny ability to do everything and do everything well even when we are doubting ourselves. Stay true to who you are as a mom and stay committed to the passion for your business.

Its not always easy, but its always worth it.