Sugar - So Sweet

Sugar is sweet, but not so sweet for your health.  So why do we keep polluting our bodies with too much sugar?  The only sugar I like is when Maroon 5 sings their famous song “Your sugar, yes please . . . “   In my opinion, right here, right now, “sugar” is the #1 underlying root cause of debilitating diseases in the US today.  I base my opinion on my background as a former licensed massage therapist and certified personal trainer.  I am now a practicing Health Coach. 

Sugar causes weight gain, elevated insulin, and according to, is probably the leading cause of diabetes.  If you have diabetes, Crohn’s Disease, heart disease (and a tons of other diseases), you should not be filling your body with garbage food that contains sugar!  Did you know that sugar raises your triglycerides (which is the bad cholesterol)? 

Our bodies are not made up to withstand excessive amounts of sugar.  Sugar is also disguised as fructose and our bodies metabolize fructose way differently than regular sugar.  Fructose’s really fancy name is hepatotoxin which metabolizes directly into fat.  Hmm, which is probably why we have an epidemic of obesity in America.

Some little tips you can do to get you started:

(1)  If you put (2) sugars in your coffee, only put (1) sugar in your coffee for (4) days and for the remaining (3) days, no sugar.  On the 8th day, see how you really feel and be honest with yourself.  You may feel the effects of a detox including irritability, headache even nausea.  Give yourself at least one week to see how you feel.  

(2)  If you go to a fast food restaurant during lunch and order a large diet coke, switch it out to a small diet coke.

(3)  If you go to your favorite coffee shop in the morning and order (3) donuts, drop it down to (2).

(4)  Juice – fill your glass ½ when then add the rest with water.

The tip or “trick” here is to slowly ween your body off the sugar high.  I guarantee you will probably feel the effects of a detox but that soon will pass.  So wait for the pass to go by, drink plenty of water, and reward yourself for taking action on your health.

Stop the madness - sugar, you are not so sweet after all!

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Janis Melillo is a health coach and owner of Wellness By Design:

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