Single And Dating...At 43.

Dear Gabby-

After being with the same man for 20 years, I’m single and back on the dating scene. It's scary as hell and I have NO idea where to begin with jumping back in. 

How do I live it up, yet play it safe and potentially still meet nice men?


43 and Single 

Dear 43 and Single

It's natural to be terrified when our lives have drastically changed. Give yourself a one word positive affirmation to focus on, like: courage or brave or wholeheartedly. Keep it in your mind. 

Your new life is filled with possibilities so don't expect anything to be the same as it was before. You've had a partner for 20 years so now it's time to focus on new things. A great place is to start with focusing on yourself. If you were to meet the ideal match, how would he treat you? Delicious dinners? Bubble baths? Walks in the park? Whatever those things are, start doing them for yourself! This will build up your confidence. When you're confident you start trusting your choices more and will be able to be discerning when it comes to men. 

Don't worry about putting yourself out there as much as putting yourself first. It's your time now. 

When you do meet men, limit your expectations of where the relationship will go. He doesn't have to be your knight in shining armor. Instead see it as an opportunity to make a friend and get to know someone. Take the pressure off by taking the time to figure out if you like him not it he likes you!

Meeting people is a wonderful experience so enjoy each moment by staying present in it. Presence is the best present you can give yourself now, which is perfect because right now, it's all about you! 


Lauren #kickingassandsparkingyourmatch


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