I Want Discipline Advice From Someone I Don't Know

Dear Gabby-

I know this is can be a touchy subject when it comes to parenting - but I’m looking for insight from someone I don’t know- I’m so tired of opinions from those I do know. 

I’ve had three kids back-to-back and my now 3 year old seems to be giving us a run for our money when it comes to listening.

What are some behavioral tactics you’ve used to effectively discipline one of your children who just doesn’t seem to stop acting out? 

I’m willing to try anything.


At The End Of My Rope

At the end of your rope,

I feel ya, girl! I have had four kiddos back to back and we have had them all go through that dreaded stage! 

Like you said, it's kind of a tough chat subject, so I'm sorry if anything I say is completely against your parenting ways. 

I guess I have a few questions too! Has anything changed? Like a major change? New job, new baby, new schedule? I know when something changes in our home, I can count on at least one of my little people to act out because of it!

Kids are funny, and they are all SO different. I have one child who seriously needs to be hugged and loved when she's acting out. I have another who does better when I just walk away and leave her alone! In my personal experience, timeouts don't work. But there are plenty of kids who respond to timeouts. 

I personally am not a spanker, but I'm really not against it. One of our kiddos got a spanking as a last resort, and I swear it changed her! Not sure what your stance is in that, but something to think about!

I say positive reinforcement first, try a timeout, try some extra love, and if none of those work,  walk away and you both take a breather! 

One thing to remember: kids are smart! They are acting out because they want something from you. Just have to figure out what that cute little three year old needs. 

Hang in there mama! It's hard work having kids so close together, but I hear it gets easier!!


Katie #kickingassandsurvivingmotherhood